whatsapp is a popular messaging plateform in the world.
a user friendly social networking application.
now adays whatsapp is updating with new new features,recently..
the recent updated feature is end to end encryption.
means the all conversations and sharings through whatsapp is secure

by the end to end encryption ,the messages are not decriptable by the company or the government.by the encrypted messages are only readable for the sender and the reciever.
for this encryption the whatsapp is using 256 bite key.the messages are not visible even for the cyber cell,hackers,and the owner of whatsapp.this fecility is a powerfull feature for the whatsapp users.because the security is increasing among the privacy of users.

BUT this security system is against the rule of india,
as per the rule of online encryption in india, till 40 bite key encryption is only allowed.if anyone want to increase the quality, then they want the permission from the government.
from the reports shows that whatsapp will not get the permission easily.if they want the permission,then whatsapp should provide the decryption key.

realy the ban was done because of the missusing of the encryption by the terrorists,.etc…..

currently the central government is not took an action against this.

by over the top based service(OTT), whatsapp,viber,skipe etc.. aren’t under the encryption requirment law.because they are not the operator of telecom.but in forign countries there are restrictions.

this is the main question among the users that will the whatsapp service be banned from india???????

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