After a short time of intervel I’m going to post a new trick for my readers.

Xiaomi Redmi Note4

The best mobile on that range.
In Flipkart It’s a big deal to order and buy Xiaomi Redmi Note4.Because of its speciality and features on that range of prize tag.

Here I have bought Xiaomi Redmi Note4 64GB Dark Grey.

But you will be thinking that how I Order it right?
Yup It’s very easy if you follow on my way.
In first Flash sale for Xiaomi Redmi note 4 approximately 1 lakh products are sold out within 3 Minutes.
And in second sale it was 21,000.
Yesterday (15/02/2017) 12.00 pm the were a sale. But most of the customers couldn’t buy it by the server Complaint because of the large number of entries in a second.
So from here what we can understand?
Yup after 3,4 sale Redmi note 4 is in the big demand.
Yup, I’m not making you bored like other website by giving a huge ecole explanation about the topic. I know you want only content.
Trick To Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note4 Mobile From Flipkart Flash Sale easily.

Required Elements:-

1). Use computer instead of your mobile to order your mobile.
2) Good internet speed with low ping time.
3) Your valuable 2,3 Minutes. 😉
How To Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note4 By Script?

1. First open Chrome browser from your computer.
2. Synchroise Your Time with internet. Click on time (bottom right corner) in computer and click on Adjust Date And Time. Now in the pop-up click on change time settings. And give Rick mark on Scynchronis time with time server. And click OK.
3. At 11.50 Am Go to Flipkart Xiaomi Page Click Here .
4. And select Which Redmi Mobile You Want To Buy.
5. Login to your Flipkart account.
6. Give address where you want to deliver the product.
The Trick Is Here.
Right click on anywhere on that page.
Then select Inspect Element.
New page will come there and at the bottom click on Console Tab.

setInterval(function() { $(‘.jbv-buy-big’) .trigger(‘click’); console.log(‘Script Working…’); }, 10);

Copy The above code and paste in the console tab then press on enter key ( the code will help you to reload the page in each 10 milliseconds).
7. When the Buy Now option is coming the loading will stop and you can buy the affordable mobile xiaomi redmi Note 4 easily.
Thats it.
You can successfully buy xiaomi redmi Note 4 By this trick.
But You Should Have Faith also. Because it depends on the speed of internet, ping time, etc…
Thank You.I think district will help you to buy xiaomi redmi Note 4.

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