welcome again on my site , as i know my back post was rocking once and it got beneficial for all of you all, today i am going to share a trick about how to get unlimited 3g speed internet from a 2g recharge.
now some times you will be surpriced about this trick.
are you ready for the trick?



*. 3g enabled airtel sim.
*. 3g supported android phone.
*. another airtel phone number(which is not tried this trick).

here iam showing to get unlimited 3g internet for 1 month.(30 days).

1). recharge an unlimited 2g net offer for 1 month in your airtel sim.
2). then recharge a 3g internet pack of validity 30 days.(if you use 21 days 3g pack, you will get 3g unlimited net for 21 days.). the days are depends upon the validity of 3g recharge.
3). then turn on internet connection and use 5 to 10 MB.
4). then turn off your data connection and open message box.
5). open the window of create a message.
6) type:   ADD<space><another airtel number>
send this to 121.
7). then you will get a reply that about family internet sharing…
8). ignore it…
9). turn on data connection on 3g mode(wcdma mode).
10). enjoy the unlimited 3g internet for 30 days…


before trying this trick, you should check that will this trick work for your state.
for that:

1) there will be unlimited 2g night pack.then recharge it.
it is for 6 hours(12 am to 6 am).
2) then recharge a small 3g data pack.( before 12 am).
3) then use some internet(5 MB- 10MB).
4) turn off data connection, and open message box and send ADD<space><another airtel number>
send to 121.
you will get a reply about family internet pack.
ignore it.
5) then turn on internet with (3G)
enjoy  🙂

6) if this trick is working for 6 hours then you can try the month trick(explained above).

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