How are you my dear geeks?
I think my previous posts are going well.
Today im come back with a new trick for our android devices.

I think most of us are a daily user of YouTube.But we are hating while showing ads between the Video and starting the video.So how to make do not show/Skip the Ads?

Yaah, Thats it. We are now here for showing the trick for skipping the ads in YouTube.
So now we can start.

Steps Required For Doing This:-

1). First of all you want to download an application called AdSkip App. [Link is given below.
2). After downloading the application install it.
3). Afterwards open the app. You can see the option to enable the app.
4). Then after enabling it, you can see a popup that about accessibility. Then click ok.Then it will open accessibility. Enable it for SkipAd, Then Click Ok.
5). Then you can see another option about muting audio.
6). Disable it. Just because of otherwise the skipping of ads may take more time.
7). That’s it.

Now start to watch videos from YouTube.
You will notice that the ads will be removed /skipped automatically.


Enjoy 😀

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