In these years, WhatsApp is the best messaging application.You know even one day how many images are we Sharing?. Yaaa… But did you look one thing?
When you sharing an image the WhatsApp is automatically reducing its quality and sending. Then what can we do against it?

Here iam introducing a new trick for it.
For this trick no need of a 3rd party Application.
But it need Root access.

Requirements :

1. Es File Explorer File Manager(Download It From Playstore).
2. Root Access (Click Here To Know More).

How To Do? 

1.Download and install Es File Explorer app.
2. Open the app and from side Bar, give root access.

3. Select Device. 
4. Select “Data”  folder. 
5. Select “Data” folder.
6. Select “com.whatsapp” folder. 
7. Select “Shared_prefs”  folder.
8. Select ” com.whatsapp_preferences.xml” file. 
9. Then look for the line <int name=”image_quality” value=”80″ />
10. Then Change That Value “80” to “92”. 

Realy you can select the number within 1 to 99.  But when you type 99, the image will take more time to send so,  for a better usage use “92” .😀

 11. Then save it.
Thats it…!!!!

Now open WhatsApp And try to share any image. Then you will get to know the quality diffrence.

Enjoy.. Using this simple trick 😎.

Thank you…

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