The world were looking for the official update of PRISMA App to the Android for these days.
And at last That have been realy happend.
Now The real PRISMA app is available for Android users..


Today was its Official Launch..
The lovely stunning photo editor.
As soon as the Official Update is here..


• Modern Art Filters.f
• Stunning Photo Effect.
• Fast sharing.
• Uses Neural Networks And Artificial Inteligence.
• Diffrent Styles Available Like Comic,PaintBrush, etc…
• Turn Your Pictures Into a Great Peice Of Modern Art.

What’s New?

1) 1.0.7: Bug fixes.
2) 1.0.6: no challengelog listed.
3) 1.0.5: save button for your photos and some bug fixed.

About PRISMA:-

*. Prisma was an IOS applocation and now it is available for Android users also.its used for photo editing.PRISMA will take you a world of digital image editing.using that you can edit your pictures in the styles of famous artists MUNK,PICASSO and as well as World famouse ornaments and patterns .

How To Use PRISMA In Android ?

as a new PRISMA user its quit natural about the confusion to use it.
Open the app(turn on internet connection).
Take an instand pic or select a pic for edit.
Select which type of edit you want.
After loading you can see the edited pic on the screen.
For save.

That’s all….


Click Here To Download Official PRISMA for Android (playstore link).

Click Here To Download PRISMA APK 1.0 .6(cloud link).

enjoy ….

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