as i know you are all suffering from the lower perfomence of android phone
while playing in android phones some times uou can see that phone will stop the work and come up in the home page,is there a solution for it.yes we are here for helping to increase your android phone perfomence by clock rate.
what is clock rate?

it is the rate of perfomence of android phone’s processor.

*** do this works at your own risk,we are not responsible while your phone is in wrong hand.***


here i told first,becauseby the care lessness and others make your phone as useless
some times it will over heat and the hard ware components may brick.
some times it will not reboot.
so if you want to do this worrk at safely,then read the bellow section care fully.


  • download an app from bellow link[SETCPU].
 • battery chage with atleast 75%.(switch offing while operating this app will damage your phone.).


*. download the app.it will be in a zip file.extract and install it.[it is a paid app from play store.here we are providing a zip file for free].
*. open that app,and give root axis.
*. then select “auto detect speeds recomended”.
*. then there will come a new window with maximum speed and minimum speed.
*. be care full while working on it.
*. first increase your maximum speed in small steps.then look that is it speed suitable for your phone’s stebility?
if no then increase again with small steps.,if yes then look on scaling.
*. there you can see many options in scaling.
*. then select” ondemand”(it is preffered and it is suitable.)
*. then tick on set reboot.(it is making your phones cpu speed permenently).

by rebooting the changes will made in your phone.

Author’s note:-

don’t look this work as silly.
it may harm your phone.
• by making verry high maximum speed it will come to over heat and it will brick your phone.
• by making verry lower minimum speed it will make your phone rebootable(because for rebooting there is a spped needed,if you decrese it’s lower make your phone rebootable).

so work with this care fully.

note:- take a backup of your phones rom,while your phone is not rebootable,you can flash it.

i had a request that work in your own risk!!.
iam not backwording your thought,to increase perfomence,because i need my users and readers are in safe so   🙂

click here to download SETCPU APK rom here.

thats all!!!!!
keep visiting…. 🙂

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