today iam presenting an interesting technique.
in normaly we are using clouds for uploading your needed file.
Then first what will you do?
Yes Download that file.
Then only we can Upload it to the Google Drive /Drop box or Any Cloud Services.
Then here im showing that To Upload Files Without Downloading It To Your Memmory.
Then if we are going to download first.
it is data and as well as time consuming .
So we can start.

How To Upload Any File Into Cloud Without Downloading It.

1) find the direct download link of the file which you want to upload from the internet.
2) http://ctrlq.org/save/ Click this link.
3) Sign in with your Google Account.
4) Copy the direct download link to the given box in the current page.
5) Then select in which Cloud you want to upload
Available Clouds:
Google Drive
Microsoft Onedrive

For eg: select Google Drive.
6) Click on Upload file.

Thats it. Wait for the uploading Process.

You are Done…

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