today my article is about increase wifi network speed while your android is connected to a wifi network.
we know you are all verry interested in hacking wifi network,and here it is speed uping.
i will guid you to increase the speed of wifi network…
realy the wifi network speed is depends upon the band width,connectivity,number of users,…
we cant change the band width of a net work,connectivity bet ween the android and the net work also,then only we can change=[number of users involved in the network] right?
iam not boaring you,because you are the supporters of t

*. an app [link is given bellow]
*. an androi.
d phone :)[with rooted]
*. a wifi network which you want to speed up..

*. download an app from bellow.
*. use a wifi net work which you want to speed up.
*. open the app and click on refresh.
*. then after refresh,you can see the list of available wifi networks.
*. click on which you are in connected.
*. then click on  grab all.
*. then click  on kill all.
*. then successss….!!!!!!
you have restricted other all devices which are connected in the same wifi network which you are connected.
now the only user of that wifi network is you are….
you have done.
***This trick is only for educational purpose.
we are not responsible for any issues associated with it***

*. click here to download the app.

thats all!!!!!!!!!

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