there are many software were available on internet for running Android Games/apps in Windows Chrome browser.But many of them are not working properly.
So here iam showing most dupported by the users ARC Welder application.
By the use of ARC Welder application you can run most of the android applications on windows browser.
But not full. because you will find some applications will not work properly..
but no problem… if not leave it….

We can go on the Steps required to work.

Steps Required To Run Android Applications On Windows Chrome Browser.

1) Download ARC Welder application from the net[ link is given below].
2) after download install the application.
3) Open the application and click on “Add” button to get this application on Chrome apps.
4) You should download the APK file which you want to run on windows.
5) Then open Chrome. and click on apps on the left top part .
6) Then click on ARC Welder and it will ask for a directory to store the apk file which runs.
7) give a directory and after that you can see “Add Your APK” button.
8) click on it .and navigate to the folder where the APK file is downloaded or stored.
9) Then you can see a presented with a quick options about oriantation,metadata ,etc…
10) Dont worry about it ,leave it and click on “Launch App”.

Thats all. you are done.


Click Here To Download ARC Welder App from here.

Enjoy… and keep visiting…

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