from these days WhatsApp had made many new features for the users.And the latest one is that you can create Invitation Link for Whatsapp Groups,
means: by clicking on the link the users will redirected to the group.then without the permission of group admin the member can join .
in normal way the admin want to send his number to the frinds and the friends want to tell to add to the group but now instead of sending admin’s number only need of send the invitation link, when the victim is clicking on the link he can join to the group without the permission of admin.
Then the main question is how to make that link right?
yup ,we will help you out.

How To Make Invitation Link For Whatsapp Groups For New members To join?

*. Download and install WhatsApp prime app( the link is givebn bellow of the post).
*. For using WhatsApp Prime you should uninstall your other whatsapp apps.
*. Open WhatsApp prime As usual.
*. Then click on the group which you want to create the link.
*. Then tap on the group info and click on add member option.
*. while clicking on it you can see Invite link option
*. You can send the libnk to the friends or copy thre link to clip board.
Thats all…


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