How are you?
my older post are working good.
I know , most of the internet geeks will be infront of computers..
whats the use of youtube?
yes, you can see any videos through it.but it doesnot allow to download videos from a computer.
then what for android?
There are many softwares for android to download YouTube videos.

So we can go to the trick.


1) open youtube.com from your computer.
2) then select any video from that which you want.
3) the link may be like this :- www.youtube.com/dhjsygskksu
then type ss before www.

Eg:- www.ssyoutube.com/dhjsygskksu

4) then click enter.

Now there will come a new website with this video
And there will be options about the clarity.
You can download it with your own clarity.

Thats all 🙂

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