Are you a TrueCaller user?
Do you want to deactvate your account from it?
I know TrueCaller is a good android app for getting any mobile numbers details with in seconds.But a coin will have 2 sides,thats like, if you dont like to view your details and your position axessing!
From the Truecaller application you cant deactivate your account,because the company is not made that option in that application,then??
 There is a way to deactivate..

How To Deactivate/Unlist Your Account From True Caller’s Database?

1) Click Here to open the official page of TrueCaller.
2) Enter your country name,your number which is used to create account,and captcha.
3) Click on the green mail button.
4) ready…..

Your mobile number and all details will be removed within 24 Hrs.
and after that if someone try to search about your phone number ,that will end up with” no result found”…
I hope this will be helpfull for your daubt…
thank you

keep visiting… 

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