as i know today all young genarations are waiting for a hacked game when a new game is reliesed.but you dont want to wait for a modd .
you can hack the game yourself…

here iam providing all popular android game hacking tools(softwares.

when we start to play a game ,then you think that i want to get more cins,bullets,lifes,etc…..
then you can attain these things using these hacking tools.


now you can hack many android games using game killer app

How To Hack?

*. download game killer (from bellow.)
*.install the app and open it.
*. then close the app(minimize
*. then the app sheild will be there in your top left of your screen.
*.open a game which you want to hack.
*. start to playing and pause the game.then look the alue (coins,bombs,life….)
then think that which you want to hack.(i select the game hill climb racing.then i want to increase the coin.)then click on the sheild of game killer.)
*. look t the instant value of coins and type it into the search box,
*. select the search type as auto identify.
*. hit on search button.
*. then you can see a list of values.
*. minimize the game killer and start again to play and after some time,pause again the game.
*. look the instant value and enter it in to the search box,
select type as auto identify.
then hit the search button.
*. repeate this when you get the result as 1.
*. after getting the one result,click on it and edit the value as 999999999….

you have hacked the game.


it needs root axess.
and you can only hack offline games.


*. download the sb hacker app from bellow.
*. open the app and allow root axess
*. then minimize tje app.
*. then the sheild of the game will be there.in your screen
*. open the game which you want to hack.
*. play the game and click on the sheild.
*. enter the value(score,bullet,bomb,coin,life etc…) in the search box.
*. it will detect the value storage.
*. and click it and edit it as the value99999999….
now you can hack game like this at anywhere!!!

stay here dont divert…..
we will update it soon.. with more hacking tools.


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